a story that we just can watch and laugh when we see this world as a wonderful drama that will never end

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medical check-up!! 

.. baby kak chik.. still xde name lagi..
our mr. sotong!!

picca ni tuk controversi je sebenarnye

addicted to wires, fuses, cables, current, tools

retarded astronut

nak cakap i mcm laki.. do i care..
yes, i love machine then cooking!!

my stipi* boyfwen!!

nuar - zuhri - sapix

say nothing.. intern mates.. cool enough.. 

woot woot<-- bangla of the day


sekolah lg ni.. berbaju melayu oh..

happy family<-- once upon a time

school bestie ever..


new friend <-- yat

fuc* u bitch!!

bukit malawati

ap je ni..

UNISEL bestie ever

fazura la konon ( sepoloh inggit ni.. kawan2 punye pasal ok je la)

pose 1

pose 2

mr. howt owh

guys bestie ever

aq mmg kaki tido mase skolah.. teman aq nadia sebelah tu
(hitam gile kan)

ni satu lagi partner tido

wet shirt party!!

mr. kuchi kuchi

pd trip..

girls in the hat

hardly in love in my classmates


mr. unta



6 march 2011

mr. zorro


my enemy

cover album

i love him

my brother and sisters ever!!

my only best sista!!


monkey clung!!

saidatul nur ain