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Sunday, March 13, 2011

~ Man U vs ArSENGAL ~

..Glory Glory MAN UNITED.. haha.. yes, i'm the fan of Man U.. credit to Fabio because of the first score ( minute 28') and Rooney( minute 49').. no more words can describe, no more sentence can tell.. because Man U always be the champion.. haha

Arsenal.. as usual.. ArSENGAL..


~Kirin Selama Perak~ said...

saya benci MANCISter united !

ainaurush said...

..hallo.. loser please act like one ok.. haha..

Muhd Fadil said...

yes! yes ! man utd terbaik.
aitu kalah..
tapi bukan selamnya kalah.
KSP dengki man utd menang.

micky eyqa said...

tak tau mne 1 nk plih hehehe

ainaurush said...

.. haha.. biase.. terbaik la..