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Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't.. just don't

Don't.. just don't.. do not judge me... You know, yes both of you.. i love your son more then everything.. just don't judge me if u don't know me.. don't look at me just from outside.. you make me feel uneasy.. feel  like i don't want to meet both of you.. try to avoid you and you.. it's not a feeling i'm used to.. please, be nice.. both of you nice, when only infront of me.. i know, when it come to both conversation of you.. it's become negative.. yes it is.. i know.. please, im trying my best to be the best for your son.. understand that please..

And to you son, please understand.. im trying my best.. i know you love me same as i love you.. i know you love me more.. but please.. i never had a relation like this before.. it hard for you to say that you love me.. i guess it nearly one year i never heard that u said u love me with the way you really mean it.. it just a normal conversation like always, love u n love u too.. i need that, i need a hug that show you love me. You are the one who trying to hug me. Plase be more soft to me. We're happy. Happy then before. Maybe it just you.. but please.. i won't ask, i'll wait for you to show that. Like before, i never ask u to pick any of us, i let you choose by yourself..

Before our light become lighter, please hold this brightness.. please..

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