a story that we just can watch and laugh when we see this world as a wonderful drama that will never end

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ evrything we need doesn't meant that we use it alone ~

.. peeps.. opinion.. logical thinking.. ap yg penting.. happy or selfish?.. just wondering.. if i have i all alone, am i feeling this happy.. haha.. truth.. having alone is something extra happy.. but sharing is something that make me see this world.. is like kind of drama.. even it is in my own story of life.. it makes me feel more matured.. eyes wide open to see what happen next.. just be a normal person that enjoying my life.. it is ok for me.. half loaf is better than none..

yes, i can see this drama.. suppose should not be like this.. two girls running for a guy.. and this guy is like the mastermind of this drama.. technically, i love it.. i love the way he manipulate this whole things..and i smile.. till now, the truth still cannot be reveal.. :).. this is y i love him.. yes, i love him..

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