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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ today i'm ~

today i'm... alhamdulillah.. i've got a place for my intern placement.. TNB Bangsar.. well, no allowance.. but still i have place to practical.. thanks to cik izat, cik mat kopi 0.. cik izat cakap nak tolong try dekat Western Digital KJ.. hopefully dapat.. allowance tinggi katenye..

i miss my mama today.. thanks to along.. and my stupid cute sister dik ya.. my bo0, sy bengang arini.. owh.. boleh pentingkan org lain ye.. sabar je la.. tp i know, u didn't mean it.. still sy bengang.. time sy.. bukan main marah.. grrrr.. but still u make me laugh..

i'm a good stalker.. haha.. ok.. i stalked one girl.. almost everyday.. if this girl don't write anything on status or blog, i feel like my life uncomplete.. teruk kan.. haha.. because this girl some kind of clown in my story.. sorry dear.. i don't like u're depression but i like how u overcome it.. btw, thanks sbb appykan i hari2.. deep in your eyes u see me just like un-matured grown girl, but truth my looks does not shows how i think.. when you publish your sadness, yes i smile.. when you publish your happiness, yes i smile again.. but when you publish your happiness about him, i'll laugh.. because i know that our drama still on show.. and you make me love him more because of he trying his best for not losing me@us..


ieja. said...

omg i love this entry.once happen to me too.but u more lucky.pray for ur happiness.

ainaurush said...

.. tu la tu.. thanks eh..

Pisyek said...

Tahniah! Tapi TNB xde elaun? Aku tumpang simpati~