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Saturday, March 12, 2011

~ uneasy ~

.. oh Allah.. why am i feeling this way.. pliz.. rase x selesa sangat dengan semua.. future.. job.. arghh.. family.. now.. aish.. i need a good job in future.. its for me, family and him.. we've planned for future.. oh so scared bout my future.. just receive a news.. maybe after marriage we have to stay with my mother-in-law to be.. oh man.. just imagine.. wake up early in the morning, cook for lunch, sleep at 10.. xboleh kuar malam.. oh boy..

im going to finished my study.. i was planning to get a good job, if possible with extra money.. so that i can go shopping.. first, pentingkan keluarga.. i need to do something with my family.. after one year working, i was planning to engage.. another next year.. i wish i can built my own family.. just like shrek and fiona with kids.. haha.. but, sure la lg hensem and chantek kan..

ya Allah.. pliz make my future as bright as u can..

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