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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nice Things To Hear

Jusr now, dengar radio... A good relation comes with honesty.. true, memang pon..  tapi dengan segala penipuan, baru kita mengenali pasangan lebih dari yang perlu.. enjoy relation dengan penipuan, sampai masa, kejujuran akan muncul dengan sendiri tanpa kita sedari.. orang ketiga, family, kawan, flirting.. biakan penipuan ini berlaku.. kalau ini menghappykan pasangan, why not.. better let your partner smile and eenjoy everything they want.. sampai masa, kebosanan, diri sendiri akan berlaku jujur and terima everything seadanya.. don't regret of those lies, enjoy.. it just like when u plant a tree, you wait, play with the nature, end up with a beautiful roses with  sweet scent that will never stop. I'm not regret with all those history, because i'm holding the beauty roses now.  I will hold until the end. Zuhri, u're the one, im happy with you, previous, now, after.. we will be a family after, soon.. yes we will..

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