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Monday, February 20, 2012

19 Feb.. It's the day..

Today is…..

Its 19th of February 2012,
this year, all gift in advance,
this, i love those gift this year,
thanks uoll..
Semalam puas berkayak.. pheww..
Only yien, ika, manuk and me.. leyaa n zuhri xde.. jaga beg ok..
It was great “dayung-dayung, stop, cerita problem, gossip”
Change spot again “dayung-dayung, stop, cerita problem, gossip”
But, terjumpa beberapa kawan lain, yang berubah.. its ok.. ain don’t mind der..

Makan malam, zuh nak makan “nasi goring korek-korek (and I guess kat UNISEL  je ad)”
So cari la, then the chat with “gadis kentang”, it a blast laugh..
Nak tercabut jantung, nasib ditenangkan..
Teringat kisah aku dan mira dipanggil “firaun” oleh ahli sihir a.k.a nisa…
Fucker babe…
Ketawa terbawak sampai tilam..

My birthday was a really blast.. Thanks syg, thanks ika, thanks yien, thanks leeya, thanks manuk..
I love uoll..

letter from my "gadis kentang".. thanks dear..

cupcake from zuh.. thanks sayang..

~ Queen of Typo I ~

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