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Friday, February 17, 2012

it”s been years

Its been along tine from my last note.. hehe.. since I’ve got time for writing at the office, then I write one…
Many things happened …Zuhri and me broke up.. Again.. and it is a serious broke up.. but still were together now.. I’m so glad, he find me back, reason he asked me to teach him math.. tp x belajar pon malam tu.. This year anniversary, he’s the one who remind me.. Seriously 31 Jan out from my mind.. But, macam pelik baru 2 tahun.. Seems like years we’ve together..

Work.. is so ok.. I’ve got my confirmation.. Feel so great.. And last month aku x dapat incentive.. so, this march pokai sikit.. and, my the other workmate.. ko bt kerja tak teratur, x kejar.. senang2 nak suruh aku and mell tolerate bg job.. Because of what, because of kami da achieve bulan ni.. cantik sikitttt bro.. beragak la…

 ~ Queen of Typo I ~

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